Mommy, You Deserve Some Hope & Grace

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Hello there Mommy.

I am so glad that my blog has found your screen again (or for the first time!). I don’t know if you found your way here through social media, or if you clicked a pretty link while browsing through Pinterest. Maybe you did just the right Google search to bring you to this page. Whichever way you took to get here, I believe it is for a reason. I believe you might be looking for hope.

I can imagine you are reading these words when you found a few minutes to spare during nap time, or while sitting in the break room at work. It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? I can picture an exhausted Mommy finally getting a minute to herself late at night when the house is quiet after the chaos of the day spent with her kids handling meltdowns and play-doh, to diaper changes and wearing Princess crowns.

You see, we may not have met yet, but in our hearts, we are a lot alike. We both experience mommy guilt. We both have worries, fears, anxiety, doubts, hopes, dreams and personal circumstances life is taking us through right now. We are both in the middle of our own stories. And although our personal situations might be unique, it helps me to know there are others like me in this world. Doesn’t that bring you some relief as well? To know that you are not alone on this journey?

Would you do something with me real quick Mommy?

Take a deep breath and just be still.

In a moment, life will carry on. There will be emails to respond to, an infant needing a late night feeding, a toddler with a bad dream, a husband who needs love & attention from his wife. Dishes to be washed. Laundry to be folded. You will go back to having that work deadline to stress over and appointments to attend. You will have to face reality.

But for now, just breathe with me.

Isn’t it incredible, the life we have created for our children? Aren’t those tiny humans just amazing? We put everything we have into nurturing our babies. We love those little people so much. But it can bring a whole new definition to exhaustion, can’t it? We are spread so thin at times, we just feel completely overwhelmed with our responsibilities to the point where we grow anxious and stressed. Our body physically aches from carrying so much on our shoulders (and in our hearts). But does it ever feel like nobody even notices?

As mommies, we worry that we are messing things up or missing out on something important. We worry that it’s too late to change something we’ve already done. We sometimes feel unseen or unappreciated. I’ve been there.

There have also been moments where I have felt I have failed my husband and my children.

Have you ever put your child in front of the TV or iPad a little too much in a day because your heart just wasn’t in it during play time?

Do you ever get angry or frustrated while you’re scrubbing the contents from a squeeze pouch out of your carpet one too many times in a day?

Have you ever gotten so behind on laundry that you’re wondering what your family will have to wear for work or school tomorrow?

Perhaps you woke up this morning thinking that today was a bright shiny new day. Today we will have positive attitudes, fun activities, enjoy each other’s company, be productive around the house. Then by 8:15 AM you realize that today is just an ordinary day, like any other, full of tantrums, picky eaters and dare I say….. some yelling.

I have.

And I have also beat myself up over it when I really just needed some encouragement. A glimpse of hope to show me that I can do this. It’s all going to be OK and I can do this.

So, please let me speak some hope into your heart right now.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I am right here with you.

I’m not asking you to do anything for me or for anyone else right now. I’m not trying to put anything else on your plate. I am simply asking you to take a moment for yourself. Give yourself a little grace.

And just breathe.

Together we will find hope and strength to make tomorrow a better day. Because that’s what we Mommies do.

Bless Your High Heels



  1. Glory | 30th Aug 17

    As momies we all go through the same experience.Every sunday i wake up thinking its gona be a bright sunny day but the disapointments i get just pull me down and end up goind to sleep again.Parenting is tough

    • kmtravis | 30th Aug 17

      Glory, I have felt much the same, trust me I am right there with you. Whenever I can, I try to find humor in the disappointments and try to learn not to set my expectations quite so high. Or maybe have fewer expectations overall. Lol. Keep at it Mama, these little ones look up to us with all their little hearts!

  2. Mommin it up | 30th Aug 17

    Oh my goodness I love this. If we could only give each other and ourselves more grace, things would be so much nicer.

    • kmtravis | 30th Aug 17

      🙌🏻 AMEN Mama! We need more grace. Forgive ourselves and just move on 💕

  3. Kimi | 31st Aug 17

    Beautifully written heartfelt post that all mommies can relate to! Loved it!

    • kmtravis | 31st Aug 17

      Thank you Kimi! And thank you for visiting my site today! ❤️

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