4 Signs That You Rock As A Mama (So Stop Calling Yourself a Bad Mom!)

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It can be easy to forget you are a good Mom sometimes.

Like when your toddler eats chocolate chip cookies for breakfast then jumps off the back of the sofa like Tarzan. Or when you find sippy cups with curdled milk in the backseat of your car. Or when there are 3 piles of laundry that aren’t going to wash themselves, but you have zero desire to get started.

I have days like that.

I probably tell myself I am a “bad mom” a hundred times on those days when I’m exhausted both physically and emotionally. Have you ever felt like that Mommy?

You know, we tell ourselves we’re a bad mom all too many times. And it’s a lie.

We are not bad Moms. We love our children. Our children come to us to kiss their pain away. We are their biggest cheerleader for every little success & milestone. I know my boys are covered in hugs and kisses and never go a day without being showered with love, encouragement, and guidance.

I take good care of my children, and that’s pretty much the main requirement for parenting. Everything else is just minor details.

We are ROCKING this whole Mommy gig! We just forget sometimes.

Do you ever forget Mama?

The stress of work, keeping the household running smoothly, and raising kids can make it easy to forget all the good parts. But you DESERVE to remember. Let me be the one to help you remember it today Mama:

Here are 4 signs that you ROCK as a Mama

You comfort your children.

Think about it! Your arms feel like home to your babies. You are the official kisser of “ouchies.” You are the shoe-tier, sandwich-maker, crust-remover, and the booty-wiper. You give the best snuggles and make the funny voices when you read them bedtime stories. Your children run to you for a hug for many different reasons – when you come home from work, when they get a scratch on their knee and when they have a broken heart. Your children will always love and trust their Mommy.

You’re ready for bed.

Being a good mom doesn’t mean you are full of energy. In fact, if you ROCK as a Mommy you are probably exhausted at the end of the day. You spend the whole day doing things for others. You’re so busy trying to keep everyone happy and alive that you get very little time for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being ready to crawl into bed before 8 PM. Mama, you are a Rockstar!

You worry, hope, and pray.

Mommies make hard decisions. You are the worrier, the prayer, the researcher, the stay-up-all-nighter. The truth is, if you worry about your kids, if you worry about being a good mom, if you are hoping and praying to make the best choices for your family, then you already ROCK as a Mommy.

Take a look through your photos.

I would guess that there are hundreds of photos of your children on your phone. Looking through my pictures reminds me of all the fun things we do together as a family and of how much time I actually get to spend with my precious little guys. Look through those pictures and relive the time you have spent playing with your children, taking them to fun places, being silly together, or cuddling. Just look at those smiles! Clearly, you ROCK as a Mommy.

So please quit kicking yourself when you’re down and having a rough day. Life is hard enough without telling yourself the lie that you are a bad Mom.

If you can relate to even ONE of these four things, I guarantee you ROCK as a Mama. And those precious little ones are the luckiest people on Earth to have you.






  1. My Slice of Happy | 7th Sep 17

    What a great reminder 🙂

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