3 Notes From My Personal Parenting Manual

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Raising toddlers is hard.

You’ll need parenting inspiration, patience, and a good sense of humor if you’re a Mama of a toddler (and especially if you’re a Mama of toddler multiples!). They are this strange combination of baby and child. No longer a baby, but not quite a big kid. My husband and I are figuring it all out as we go, creating out our own personal parenting manual so to speak. They’ve changed so much since the first day you brought them home from the hospital, haven’t they? It’s crazy.

Do you remember the day you first brought your precious baby home, Mama?

I remember the feeling so vividly. This was the moment we had been preparing for during the last 9 plus months!

My body was in physical agony, but ready to jump at the slightest sound of my baby needing me. I was exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep. It was so exhilarating, wasn’t it? We’re home! We’re a family!

With my first baby, I was itching for the doctor to release me. I just wanted to go home– so that I could cry in private. I was NOT ready for the baby blues and this was my first sign of postpartum anxiety (we’ll save that story for another day). I just wanted to be home, safe, and comfortable with my precious family.

With my second baby, a totally different story.

I didn’t want to leave the hospital. I stayed for an extra night. We had a one-year-old and didn’t have any extra help. My husband needed to be back to work soon. Having the nurses at the hospital was the only help I was going to get with this one. This was the only alone time I was going to get with my precious new baby because I knew as soon as I walked through the door, it would be a very busy life. There wouldn’t be any time for rest or bonding. But one thing was for certain with my littles…

Neither one came with an instruction manual.

Wouldn’t that be nice? When you’re baby comes home from the hospital and won’t stop crying, just pick up the manual and read the proper section to find the easy fix?

Instead, we often rely on family and loved ones who have been there and ask for help. Or we get online and search for answers.

That’s when I first started reading mommy blogs.

Real women who have been there. Writing about real life.

And I found it incredibly reassuring.

As I prepared for my first baby to enter this world, I read multiple 500-page books. I swear I did. I read What to Expect When You’re Expecting cover to cover and a few others.

Was it informative for a first-time mom? Yes.

Would I recommend it to first-time moms? Yes.

Was it heartfelt and relatable? Um…. not really.

It was not an instruction manual for my new baby, that’s for sure. I had to feel my way through how to be a mother and soon found that my husband and I were writing our own parenting manuals along the way.

Now, two children later I know that there’s a good reason that babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Each child has different needs. But as parents, we are still looking for inspiration, for validation, and sometimes we just need someone to understand us.

Nobody’s perfect. Not even parents.

Although we aim to do our best as mothers, we aren’t perfect, are we ladies?

So here are 3 things I’ve added to my personal parenting manual:

Work hard and do your best.

Some days your best might be full of fun activities, playing on the floor and making them laugh until they nearly fall over, taking moments to see the world through your child’s eyes. While other days it might be watching the clock and just making sure they are safe, fed, and warm. We all have good days and bad. As a mommy, you just have to keep going. Give it your best go, every day.

Burst with Mama Love.

My son is nearly 2 years old and everything seems so new and exciting to him. New words, new sounds, new songs, new dance moves. And my youngest is nearly 6 months old and is happy with any interaction at all. And when my oldest is spinning around to his new favorite song while the youngest is grinning ear to ear in his bouncer watching him, my heart is just bursting with so much mama love. The bursting with love feeling is one of the greatest joys of motherhood. Embrace that feeling every chance you get.

Find parenting inspiration.

There are days you might wake up with your body physically aching from nursing an infant all night. So tired you can hardly get your eyes to open. I totally get it, Mama, I have those mornings too. On those days, it’s a miracle that I can get the two of them dressed for the day and put a healthy breakfast in front of them. Usually, during naptime, I will scroll through Pinterest to find something mind-numbing to just take a break from life. Do you know what I mean, Mama? Sometimes, we just need some inspiration. Something to help us keep going day in and day out.

As I said, I’m the mom who LOVES to read and do research (remember my 500-page books? Ha! I was completely serious). I’ve done a LOT of research looking for positive parenting inspiration. Researching for myself and for you, just like I did for finding the perfect Mom Planner and for my son’s Christmas list…I know, I’m a nerd, right? And I found the most impressive Parenting Super Bundle. It has a huge selection of parenting books, parenting e-courses, workbooks, printables, and audios. I had to share it with you because I felt like I found the goldmine of parenting inspiration.

Look, I know it’s probably not everyone’s “thing” not everyone finds this as fun as I do. But, it includes information about toddlers and babies, discipline, faith, fun activities, printables and chore charts. It seriously blew me away.

Mama, you need to check it out HERE.

This will fuel your parenting inspiration for years to come!

I’m still new to motherhood, and I’m always going to be learning along the way. I will continue trying to get it right and do the best job I can with the tools I have because my children are worth the effort. At the end of the day, I guess it really doesn’t matter how right we get it as parents – it just matters that we are trying.

What are some things you’ve learned about Motherhood along the way? Please, share with me in the comments below!


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